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About Jenni Barrett

Jenni Barrett is programme leader for the Masters in Architecture (M.Arch) at the University of Central Lancashire.

Previously, Jenni was Principal at a global, multidisciplinary consultancy providing project management, landscape design and policy expertise to a wide variety of public and private sector clients. During this time, Jenni successfully completed the Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment (IDBE) post graduate programme at the University of Cambridge.  This ignited her continuing research interest in the collaborative design process and its ability to create better buildings and cities.  She is currently investigating how interdisciplinary social interaction influences creative thinking and innovative outcomes in the design process.

Jenni’s teaching aims to inspire a new generation of designers to build with a concious understanding of the relationship between landscape and urbanism and an ability to design for a sustainable future, through informed – not accidental –  collaboration.  The use of social media as a tool to teach and understand collaborative working has resulted in her listing on the Building Design Twitter 100 2013 which listed her in the Top Ten Architectural Educators.

Contact Jenni if you would like to know more about the M.Arch, research studies or would like support to develop collaborative working skills in your own organisation.

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Barrett, J., Goulding, J. & Qualter, P. (2013)  The Social Life of the Novel Idea:  What did social psychologists ever do for us? in Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, Vol.20, Issue 3, pp250-266

Barrett, J. (2010) Blogging It:  Encouraging Reflective Thinking For Architectural Practice in CEBE Transactions, Vol. 7, Issue 1, pp38-50 (13)

Barrett, J. (2010) Evolving The Idea:  Designing teams for detailed design in Proceedings of the 9th International Detailed Design in Architecture Conference, University of Central Lancashire

Barrett, J. & Platt, S. (2006)  Team Roles and Design Outcomes in Landscape Design (Autumn)

Barrett, J. (2005)  Experiencing the Millennium Bridge in Urban Design (Autumn)



1. Fiona - September 9, 2009

Interesting stuff! Looking forward to reading more. One thing I am wondering about of late: why is it that inspiration is a spring in youth and, for many of us, seems to turn into a trickle as we get older?

2. gabriela izar - February 8, 2012

Hi Jenni Barrett, I found your website and I´m very interested about your research. I´m an architect and I´ve been researching emergences in design process. I´d be very glad if we could be in contact for exchanging ideas and also to know more about your work.

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