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How does social interaction influence the collaborative design process? July 7, 2015

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How do disciplinary roles and relationships influence the design process?

A research study at the University of Central Lancashire has already prompted some interesting discussion about  collaboration.  The study is now exploring these issues further by directly observing a number of design teams in practice.

I would like to observe your design team meetings. You won’t need to make any adjustments to your working practice or how you run the meeting. I will simply attend and film proceedings. Project teams can have 3 or 30 participants, but must contain an architect and other built environment disciplines.  Resulting data will then be analysed to explore the nature of relationships between the disciplinary roles in the design team. All participants will receive a full report of the study findings. In addition, I would be happy to give a presentation of findings specific to your design team and/or your organisation, if you would find this useful. This may be provided as a brief CPD event.

I will not conduct any research work without your full consent. All data will be stored in a password protected file and will not be shared. No individuals or organisations will be recorded or named and no commercial information will be recorded in the study. No judgements will be made about ‘good’ or ‘bad’ practices – the analysis intends to be an objective snapshot of how we tend to work right now.

Your involvement in the study would be really appreciated and I hope that the direct observation of how we work in practice will offer some insights into the way that built environment professionals can collaborate more effectively in future.

If you would like your design team meetings to be observed, please contact me as soon as possible either by email at jebarrett@uclan.ac.uk to receiver further information and/or a consent form.



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